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...from our perspective, Site Cleanup addresses several areas.  First in consideration is, "What is it?"  To us, it is a negative health issue of decomposing organic materials that promote bacterial growth and decay; for insects, it is a primary source of attraction and food supplement that warrants remedy.  Second, from an aspect of servicing personnel, it is a potential safety hazard with regard to rusting construction debris, nails, rocks and abandoned materials.  Third, it promotes an overall environment of general disrepair.  Such an environment of limited access gives cursory contractors the same vantage and conveyance that ... "Whoever was here before could get away with untidiness; then, so can they!"

We find that even if a builder / contractor was required to have placed a vapor barrier underneath a home during new construction, they typically cover over existing root systems, construction materials, and general remittance.  Thus, promoted as a presumed benefit to the homeowner, they have installed an evaporation barrier designed to keep the moisture from entering your crawlspace's interior domain.  However, ultimately they have installed an entrapment medium to promote a higher water yield and concentration beneath the plastic.  Hence, causing a faster environment of deterioration and decay that basically produces a faster food supplement and attraction.  Within the scope of our work, when completed, we leave no elements to decay or that could cause harm to a servicing contractor or prudent / curious homeowner.

The cable installing contractors; video & audio, television, phone, original & supplemental electrical contractors, low voltage alarm contractors, sprinkler contractors all contribute to an ongoing environment of disrepair.  Upon inception of the home's construction and throughout its years of growth, there is basically no formatted layout for how or where or in what direction to run the cabling underneath a home.  Basically, it is from point to point; and the shortest method would be the least expensive with the greatest margin of profitability.  These cables are found lying on the ground, tied to HVAC ducts & water pipes, suspended with tape or just generally in the way of access for a repair contractor.  Upon completion of our restoration services, the cables throughout the home will have been secured and fastened in the most effective means; and where required, we disconnect and reconnect the cabling so as to free it from an erroneous attachment to some other component within the crawlspace.

Lastly, and by no means least on our list of most objectionable, is the element of fallen, removed or decayed insulation.  When the environment of a crawlspace is overcome with high levels of moisture, the insulation becomes a holding medium for water; and it becomes physically heavier in weight.  With the extra weight, it simply falls from it's position of installation.  In most situations, when a high humidity environment exists, the paper backing becomes decayed and also promotes an environment of insect infestation, as well.  The fallen insulation lying atop the earth also traps moisture and again adds to the draw for insects.  All of this goes without saying anything to the loss of "R-value" (insulation benefit) of the home's floor in the affected areas where insulation has fallen.  We provide the re-installation of insulation where fallen material has occurred; and promote the provision and installation of new materials where the insulation has been destroyed, to provide a betterment of comfort to the you, the occupants living within the home.


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