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... is a Raleigh, NC based company providing "Whole House" solutions for crawlspace environments of accessibility, water impact (foundation interior & site exterior) and floor system failure (pier settling / concave structural members).


Crawlspace Environment Contracting:

1. Site Cleanup commences with the removal of debris from a home's crawlspace and the installation of "Total Lighting" (a network of keyless lamp fixtures strategically placed for accessibility and illumination).  A clean crawlspace will prove beneficial for annual pest control specialists and other trades professionals providing routine maintenance, as well as, allowing homeowners the benefit of observing their home's crawlspace...

2. Water Removal addresses your home's exterior site topography and the subterranean migratory water within a home's crawlspace.  Of primary concern is migratory water; or, moist environments within the home's crawlspace.  These moist soils promote mold and mildew of the environment in which most HVAC system's ducts are installed.  Bacteria, sporadic activity and moisture enters the distribution duct system typically along these "return" ducts within the crawlspace and is introduced into the supply air stream; and ultimately carried into your home.  Beyond the concern for negative air quality, there are also the negative humidity issues of moist saturated air causing damage to supporting structural members (joists & girders) ... not mentioning you furniture, floor coverings and elevated operational costs of air conditioning systems for moisture removal...

3. Structural Failure can range from the vast to the simplest forms of movement and/or fatigue.  People commonly think of "settling" being typical and "just one of those things that occurs."  When in reality, it is an element of failure due to the specific geographic location (soils composition), type and design of building construction (traverse or concentrated focal loading), migratory subterranean water and high humidity levels within the crawlspace ... all of which are completely correctable and resolvable.

4. Costs are in the forefront of everyone's mind with any project.  Waterproofing services are no different and we realize that a homeowner would not seek our assistance if they truly were not in need.  Typically, we find that by the time a potential client seeks our services they have previously sought and experienced a number of failed attempts of the "Quick Fix" ... each of which were costly projects and huge undertakings.  Regarding large whole house projects, we use the caveat of dialogue often times in saying that ... "This will be a costly undertaking; and when done correctly, you will see little to no visual architectural enhancements for what have completed."

5. Accomplishments / Goals ... When completed, there will be no marble flooring, no granite counter tops, no inlaid hardwoods, nor any increased square footage of your home.  However, your home's structure and health will be near perfect with respect to the previous negative effects associated with water impact.  The structural longevity and financial security of your greatest investment, your family's home, will both be protected.  Your completed drainage system will have access openings throughout its length so as to provide for visual inspections; and should the system have need, openings too accommodate servicing ... with an end result, of confidently knowing that you have finally protected your home.  We will utilize our tried & true "means & methods" of proven construction practices so as to be "Low Impact" to your living accommodations, as well as, your home's general site (and your neighbor's.) 

We hope that this brief introduction has answered a few of your questions and possibly caused enough pique of your curiosity to further delve into finding out more of "what we do" and "why we do it."  Each site is an individually and specifically engineered project, tailored for each address.


You are encouraged to tour our site and learn more about the benefits of improving your "Home's Health" or simply call 919-835-4748 to speak with a Crawlspace Environment Specialist and schedule a review of your needs.

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